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The New England Demand Response Initiative ('NEDRI') was created  to develop a comprehensive, coordinated set of demand response programs for the New England regional power markets. NEDRIís goal was to outline workable market rules, public policies, and regulatory criteria to incorporate customer-based demand response resources  into New Englandís the electricity markets and power systems.  The Initiative promoted best practices and coordinated policy initiatives, but was not intended to replace the functions that the ISO and other organizations must perform to design and implement demand-side programs. The Initiative studied a full range of Demand Response (DR) resource options, including short-term price-responsive load, retail pricing and metering strategies, reliability-driven DR, and longer-term energy efficiency investments.

NEDRI was a broad-based, facilitated process that involved the region's ISO, state  and federal utility and environmental regulators, power generators and marketers, utilities, consumer and environmental advocates, and other stakeholder groups(see Membership).

The project was a joint project of the Regulatory Assistance Project, which managed the technical consulting effort and Raab Associates, Ltd, which managed the stakeholder process. RAP has provided expert technical assistance and regulatory advice to regulators and other stakeholders throughout the US and internationally. Raab Associates is a leader in designing and facilitating stakeholder processes on energy, environmental, and regulatory issues.

NEDRI was funded by US EPA, US DOE, ISO-New England, the New York ISO, and the Energy Foundation.

NEDRI met for 19 days in plenary session in 2002 and the first half of 2003 (see Schedule). Working groups met at various junctures to develop proposals for review in plenary sessions.  In September 2002, NEDRI and FERC jointly convened a national workshop on DR resources and policy options, with a focus on the practical needs of DR providers and end-sue customers. Throughout the process, a team of highly-skilled technical consultants provided the Stakeholders with scoping papers, draft program designs, meeting summaries and agendas, and a final report at the end of the process  (see Documents).

Click here to download the final NEDRI report  including 38 major recommendations for incorporating demand response in retail and wholesale markets.

Contact the lead facilitator, Jonathan Raab at Raab Associates, or NEDRI policy director RichardCowart at RAP regarding the NEDRI process and its results.


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