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The process has produced a number of helpful documents including framing papers, meeting summaries, meeting agendas, modeling results, etc. Use the pull down menus to search by date, document type, or group.

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Stakeholder Meeting 9 (11/19/2002)
  Planning and Expansion  (Scoping Paper) (71k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Background  (Scoping Paper) (137k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Options  (Scoping Paper) (55k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Power Point  (Scoping Paper) (56k)
  Pace Energy Project, NRDC and UCS comments on NERTO  (Background Document) (78k)
  Agenda S9  (Agenda) (23k)
  Final Price-Responsive Load Program Recommendations  (Memoranda) (82k)
  Proposal Concerning Environmental Eligibility Criteria for Demand Response  (Memoranda) (29k)
  Proposal on "Who Should Pay Incentives to DR Participants?"  (Memoranda) (23k)
  NESCAUM DG Inventory Report Summary  (Background Document) (61k)
  NESCAUM State DG Permitting Requirements  (Background Document) (32k)
  Price Responsive Load Programs proposal powerpoint slides  (Background Document) (100k)
  Meeting Summary 11.19  (Meeting Summary) (218k)

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