The NEDRI process is comprised of many different individuals and organizations representing government, industry, environmental and consumer groups

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Organization Representative
AES New Energy Bob Kinscherf 
AIM Angela O'Connor 
AIM/Texas Instruments Jeff Bergman (alternate)
Competitive Energy Services Richard Silkman 
Competitive Energy Services Andrew Price (alternate)
CT Consumer Counsel Eugene Koss 
CT Consumer Counsel Nancy Harnick (alternate)
CT DEP Chris James 
CT PUC Cindy Jacobs 
DOE Lawrence Mansueti 
DRAM George Roberts 
DRAM/Peregrine Energy Paul Gromer 
Environment Northeast Dan Sosland 
EPA Bill White 
EPA Rick Morgan 
FERC Scott Miller 
FERC Eric Wong 
FERC Alison Silverstein 
Green Mountain Energy Chris Frangione  
HEFA Russ Silva 
HEFA/ Mass Energy Buyers Coalition Doug Stevenson 
ISO-NE Robert Burke 
ISO-NE Carolyn O'Connor 
ISO-NE Dave LaPlante 
ISO-NE Henry Yoshimura 
Joint DRR Supporters/Ecubed Ruben Brown 
Joint DRR Supporters/Ecubed Keith O'Neal (alternate)
Low Income Network Elliott Jacobson 
Low Income Network Jerry Oppenheim (alternate)
MA DEP Nancy Seidman 
MA DOER David O'Connor 
MA DOER Joanne McBrien (alternate)
MA DTE Bob Keating 
MA DTE Barry Perlmutter (alternate)
Maine PUC Tom Austin 
Maine PUC Denis Bergeron (alternate)
ME Public Advocate Steve Ward 
ME Public Advocate Eric J. Bryant (alternate)
Mirant Pete Fuller 
Mirant Vance Mullis (alternate)
MTC Judy Silvia 
MTC Raphael Herz (alternate)
MTC Quincy Vale (alternate)
NAESCo Don Giligan 
National Grid Mike Hager 
National Grid Peter Zschokke (alternate)
NEEP Sue Coakley 
NESCAUM Ken Colburn 
NH PUC Nancy Brockway 
NH PUC Alex Lee (alternate)
Northeast Energy Effic. Council Harvey Michaels 
NU David Dobratz 
NY ISO Dave Lawrence 
PACE Larry DeWitt 
PG&E Phil Smith 
PG&E Chris Bursaw (alternate)
PJM Craig Glazer 
PJM Michael Kormos (alternate)
PJM Stuart Bresler (alternate)
PRL Coalition Aaron Briedenbaugh 
RI PUC Doug Hartley 
Sithe John O'Brien 
UCS/Synapse Lucy Johnston (alternate)
Union Concerned Scientists Deborah Donovan 
United Illuminating Pat McDonnell 
United Illuminating Roger Parisi (alternate)
VEIC Chris Neme 
VT DPS Hans Mertens 
Vt. PSB Michael Dworkin 
Vt. PSB Sandy Waldstein (alternate)
Vt. PSB Ann Bishop (alternate)
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