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The process has produced a number of helpful documents including framing papers, meeting summaries, meeting agendas, modeling results, etc. Use the pull down menus to search by date, document type, or group.

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Stakeholder Meeting 1 (2/26/2002)
  NEDRI Executive Summary  (Other) (193k)
  Stakeholder Meeting 1 (2/26/2002)  (Agenda) (20k)
  Draft Ground Rules (2/13/2002)  (Groundrules) (26k)
  Framing Papers  (Framing Paper) (68k)
  Meeting #1 Summary  (Meeting Summary) (94k)
  Revised Ground Rules  (Groundrules) (37k)
Stakeholder Meeting 2 (4/2/2002)
  KEMA Paper on Load Response Program Design Issues  (Background Document) (537k)
  FERC Working Paper  (Background Document) (64k)
  Stakeholder Meeting 2 (4/2/2002)  (Agenda) (22k)
  Framing Paper #1: Price-Responsive Load (PRL) Programs  (Framing Paper) (1,688k)
  Framing Paper #2: Demand Side Resources and Reliability  (Framing Paper) (217k)
  Chuck Goldman Presentation PRL 4-2-02  (Background Document) (356k)
  Eric Hirst Presentation Reliability 4-2-02  (Background Document) (68k)
Stakeholder Meeting 3 (5/2/2002)
  Framing Paper #3: Metering and Retail Pricing  (Framing Paper) (267k)
  Weston Presentation on Metering and Retail Pricing  (Background Document) (87k)
  Brockway Presentation on Regulatorsí Views  (Background Document) (60k)
  Stakeholder Meeting 3 - 5/2/2002  (Agenda) (23k)
  Meeting #3 Summary  (Meeting Summary) (138k)
Stakeholder Meeting 4 (6/4/2002)
  Stakeholder Meeting 4  (Agenda) (24k)
  Directions to NGRID, Location of Meeting #4  (Other) (23k)
  NEDRI Paper #4: Energy Efficiency  (Framing Paper) (315k)
  Transmission Discussion Memorandum  (Memoranda) (77k)
  Cowart Presentation - Thinking Twice About Transmission  (Background Document) (232k)
  Energy Efficiency (revised Schlegel PowerPoint Presentation)  (Background Document) (351k)
  Key Energy Efficiency Policy Questions (Schlegel Powerpoint)  (Background Document) (18k)
  Meeting #4 Summary  (Meeting Summary) (194k)
Stakeholder Meeting 5 (6/25/2002)
  NEDRI Working Groups Memo  (Memoranda) (30k)
  Principles and Goals for Demand Response in New England  (Memoranda) (71k)
  Agenda S5  (Agenda) (22k)
  Detailed Directions to the Highlander Inn  (Other) (79k)
  Meeting #5 Summary  (Meeting Summary) (222k)
Stakeholder Meeting 6 (7/16/2002)
  Directions to Delaney House  (Other) (42k)
  Agenda S6  (Agenda) (26k)
  Barriers to Demand Response  (Memoranda) (60k)
  Ken Colburn Presentation  (Background Document) (2,716k)
  Bill White & Nancy Seidman Presentation  (Background Document) (1,402k)
  NEDRI Strategy Options Memos  (Memoranda) (103k)
  Meeting Summary - S6  (Meeting Summary) (217k)
Stakeholder Meeting 7 (9/10/2002)
  Agenda S7  (Agenda) (32k)
  Pricing and Metering Program Strategies  (Memoranda) (130k)
  Energy Efficiency Program Strategies  (Memoranda) (142k)
  Price Responsive Load Program Strategies  (Memoranda) (109k)
  FERC Standard Market Design Proposal  (Background Document) (81k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (301k)
Stakeholder Meeting 8 (10/8/2002)
  Agenda S8  (Agenda) (25k)
  Initial Workplans for EE and PM Working Groups  (Memoranda) (62k)
  Price-Responsive Load Programs  (Memoranda) (82k)
  NEDRI-FERC Focus Group Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (69k)
  NEDRI 10-8-02 Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (336k)
Stakeholder Meeting 9 (11/19/2002)
  Planning and Expansion  (Scoping Paper) (71k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Background  (Scoping Paper) (137k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Options  (Scoping Paper) (55k)
  Long Term Resource Adequacy Power Point  (Scoping Paper) (56k)
  Pace Energy Project, NRDC and UCS comments on NERTO  (Background Document) (78k)
  Agenda S9  (Agenda) (23k)
  Final Price-Responsive Load Program Recommendations  (Memoranda) (82k)
  Proposal Concerning Environmental Eligibility Criteria for Demand Response  (Memoranda) (29k)
  Proposal on "Who Should Pay Incentives to DR Participants?"  (Memoranda) (23k)
  NESCAUM DG Inventory Report Summary  (Background Document) (61k)
  NESCAUM State DG Permitting Requirements  (Background Document) (32k)
  Price Responsive Load Programs proposal powerpoint slides  (Background Document) (100k)
  Meeting Summary 11.19  (Meeting Summary) (218k)
Stakeholder Meeting 10 (12/10/2002)
  Agenda S10  (Agenda) (30k)
  RSAC Summary & Excerpts  (Background Document) (54k)
  NEDRI RSAC Concept Paper  (Background Document) (41k)
  Environmental Group proposed edits to meeting summary number 9  (Other) (22k)
  Grid Resources Planning and Investment - Rich Sedano (RAP)  (Presentations) (56k)
  RSAC Presentation - Jeff Schlegel  (Presentations) (48k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (247k)
  RDR Chapter Transmittal Memo  (Memoranda) (20k)
Working Group Meeting (1/14/2003)
  Energy Efficiency Memo - Jeff Schlegel  (Memoranda) (247k)
  Summary of EE Potential - Jeff Schlegel  (Memoranda) (25k)
  Pricing and Metering Strategies - Rick Weston  (Memoranda) (157k)
Stakeholder Meeting 11 (1/15/2003)
  Agenda  (Agenda) (23k)
  Price Responsive Load Chapter - Draft  (Other) (141k)
  Memo from NEDRI Conveners  (Memoranda) (50k)
  Regional Demand Response Programs Chapter  (Other) (131k)
  Energy Efficiency Working Group Update - Jeff Schlegel  (Presentations) (537k)
  Pricing and Metering Working Group Update - Rick Weston  (Presentations) (63k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (404k)
  NEPOOL - ISO Report of Compliance  (Other) (449k)
  NEPOOL Filing - Text  (Other) (56k)
  Regional Demand Response Programs Chapter  (Other) (131k)
Stakeholder Meeting 12(a) (2/10/2003)
  Agenda, February 10-11, 2003  (Agenda) (22k)
  Pricing and Metering Memo  (Memoranda) (241k)
  Energy Efficiency Memo  (Memoranda) (279k)
  Pricing and Metering Presentation  (Presentations) (62k)
  Energy Efficiency Presentation  (Presentations) (312k)
  Decision-Making Memo  (Memoranda) (35k)
  Pricing and Metering Memo - red line edits  (Memoranda) (312k)
  Energy Efficiency Strategies Presentation - Red line edits  (Memoranda) (57k)
  Meeting Summary 2.10-11  (Meeting Summary) (542k)
Stakeholder Meeting 13(a) (3/25/2003)
  Agenda, March 25-26  (Agenda) (20k)
  Pricing and Metering Memo  (Memoranda) (262k)
  Energy Efficiency Memo  (Memoranda) (300k)
  Ad-hoc Group's Suggestions for DG and CHP  (Memoranda) (37k)
  Pricing and Metering Memo - Red-line meeting edits  (Memoranda) (313k)
  Energy Efficiency Recommendations Summary - Red line meeting edits  (Memoranda) (70k)
  Meeting Summary  (Agenda) (491k)
Stakeholder Meeting 13(b) (3/26/2003)
  Ancillary Services Background Information  (Scoping Paper) (289k)
  Ancillary Services Recommendations Memo  (Memoranda) (84k)
  Agenda, March 25-26  (Agenda) (20k)
  System Planning and Expansion Memo  (Memoranda) (141k)
  Ancillary Services Presentation - Brendan Kirby and Eric Hirst  (Presentations) (247k)
  Planning and Investment Presentation - Richard Cowart and Richard Sedano  (Presentations) (169k)
  DG-CHP Recommendations - Red line meeting edits  (Memoranda) (39k)
  DG-CHP Recommendations  (Memoranda) (37k)
  Distributed Generation Recommendations Memo  (Memoranda) (89k)
Stakeholder Meeting 14 (5/8/2003)
  Agenda, May 8  (Agenda) (22k)
  Pricing and Metering Chapter - Final (Red-line version)  (Other) (239k)
  Contingency Reserves Memo  (Memoranda) (87k)
  Distributed Resources and Combined Heat and Power Memo  (Memoranda) (89k)
  Power Delivery Memo  (Memoranda) (133k)
  Power Delivery Memo w/ red line edits  (Memoranda) (161k)
  NEDRI Report Outline  (Other) (33k)
  Contingency Reserves - Revised Recommendations (05/08/03)  (Memoranda) (58k)
  DG and CHP Recommendations, w/ meeting edits  (Memoranda) (95k)
  Additional DG Recommendation - Aaron Breidenbaugh & Keith O'Neil  (Memoranda) (23k)
  Load as a contingency reserve - Background information  (Presentations) (224k)
  Power Delivery recommendations - w/ meeting editss  (Memoranda) (157k)
  Letter from NPCC re: Contingency Reserves  (Memoranda) (39k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (376k)
Stakeholder Meeting 15(a) (6/18/2003)
  Agenda 6-18_19-03  (Agenda) (21k)
  Final Draft Report  (Other) (892k)
  Cover Letter to NEDRI Members  (Memoranda) (28k)
  Pricing Metering Final Redline  (Other) (239k)
  Regional Demand Respons Final Redline  (Other) (155k)
  Contingency Reserves Final Redline  (Other) (105k)
  NEDRI Recommendations  (Other) (79k)
Stakeholder Meeting 15(b) (6/19/2003)
  Final Draft Report  (Other) (1,129k)
  Meeting Summary June 18-19, 2003  (Meeting Summary) (360k)
  Cover Letter Final Draft Report  (Memoranda) (27k)
  Final Draft Report -- Redline  (Other) (1,626k)
Stakeholder Meeting (16) (7/23/2003)
  Utility Proposed Edits  (Other) (1,144k)
  Utilility Alternative Language  (Other) (25k)
  Final Report Edits  (Other) (1,151k)
  Final Report  (Other) (1,239k)

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